15x ROAS

Energea MFI Power Accessories


Energea, the leader in the B2B power accessories market, is looking to expand their online presence, particularly in sales revenue. They aim not only to focus on and improve their online channels but also to ensure long-term results that can be turned into valuable assets.


เราทำอะไร ?

We initiated a key strategic move in digital communication because there is a significant difference between online and offline shoppers. Offline shoppers find it easy to make decisions in physical stores due to the credibility of the in-store experience. However, it is entirely different when it comes to online channels. Many consumers are concerned about trusting our brand, and they need a seamless experience whenever they want to check out any of our products. So, we created a new message, “Worry-Free, Fully Energized,” which represents the brand itself and provides a seamless digital touchpoint to make consumers feel like they are experiencing Shopee and Lazada presence.



The ROAS we had expected before collaborating was about 8x; however, it surprisingly exceeded our expectations. It reached a maximum value of 15x, with the Macpac mini, one of the battery reserves, achieving the highest return on ad spend.