LazMom Club Members Recruiting


LazMom club, one of the biggest Mom & Kids category E-commerce platform, is require to recruit more “Members”
through the digital media. They need a partner who are able to determine the strategic move, implement and commit for achieving tasks of 16,000 members within 2 months.

เราทำอะไร ?

“Insightout was delivered a media plan that already clarified the right influencers who are able to trigger ‘Mom Shoppers’ and planned an ad optimization strategy to boost and manage ads, ensuring the target needs are achieved.

The interesting point is that the most engaging influencers are not the ones who can generate the highest number of registrations. Instead, it is the influencers who are fewer in number but create more relevant content and offer real insights. We amplified this point as our optimized strategy to trigger more audiences and encourage them to register on our platform.”


We expected to reach a target of 16,000 member registrations, which were calculated at 180 THB per 1 registration. Surprisingly, we achieved more than double the target we aimed for. The result was almost 40,000 registrations, which were calculated at 76 THB per 1 registration. These numbers were achieved due to the excellent collaboration between the client and our optimization team.