Roast Runner Specialty Coffee


Roast Runner has already succeeded in being a specialty global reward, ranking 4th in coffee cup tasters. They are seeking a partner who can carry their success through a digital platform, which is divided into 2 parts. The first part is to encourage more digital revenue, and the second part is to drive more branding awareness and share their stories.

เราทำอะไร ?

The main strategic move to unleash Roast Runner’s potential is to set up a holistic system. We have found that shoppers mostly engage and spend more easily on the E-Commerce platform since the brand is well-known from their own endorsements. We ensure the client allocates the right budget for each monthly ad spend, which can lead them to a suitable ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).



We have successfully elevated the digital platform from the 4th priority focus to the 2nd priority in generating sale revenue. The monthly ROAS is stated to be about 8x (in other words, about 12.5% marketing margin). As a result, we have seen the revenue on the online platform increase significantly, reaching 300,000 THB and beyond.